Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More and More Floor Rapport

.....The transexual looking refugee paused to toss her arms in the air and bend down ( she too was about half a foot taller than Mitch ). He paused from his infernal clattering away on the dot matrix computer.

"Dan--,' he started walking to the other side of the glass counter now. "Please disrespect Babe.-' he stood closer than my personal comfort permitted. "She's only trying to help you--help me--the business.' Again with that kookie two separate gazes look, it was really un-nerving. "So get on the floor Searle-' he flashed his best three dollar bill smile that I didn't trust. "And interact with the customers, that's what they're here for Dan."

I sighed. "Mitch-my name is-"

"Good, good, good-" he was already retreating to the back of the counter with a gloating Lauren. For likely the fifth dozen time since arriving, I'd considered walking out. Then I'd thought logically-he's likely got a point. Simply standing behind the counter exploits an 'Us and Them' mentality. I learned this notion in school with counselling. you never counsel a client behind a desk. It places an image of emtionally, psychologically and of course physically placing walls and barriers. How can you expect to bring down metaphorical walls for the client when you are building your own?

I decided to give it the old college try. Approaching a potential customer with a stack of movie boxes, I employed "Anything I can help you out with Sir?" I almost spurted out Searle at the last minute and promptly refrained......


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