Thursday, July 29, 2010

Further Floor Rapport

.....unusual he seemed completely oblivious and unphased by the content. Offering me a quick glance, he even waltzed straight behind the counter.

To my complete dismay, Mitch reefed the brazen Thai towards him, ridiculously goosing his ass all the while. Mitch swirled his tongue like a crazed fat kid, freshly escaped from fat camp.

I was mere seconds away from dropping my box titles and running out the back door in search of electro-shock therapy to erase my brain. This was far more twisted than any one person should have to witness, let alone for one day.

"Oh Baby, this is our new store saviour, Dan. He's going to sell the tits off a nun,' Mitch muttered barely audible. "Excuse me searle?" hae added in his drunken used car salesman voice. "Dan? This is my main squeeze Lauren." For emphasis he cupped and goosed Lauren's behind once again. "Lauren this is Dan."

Lauren? Good God! A girl? She was so unattractive I didn't know if I should vomit or cackle with maniacal laughter.

I glared at Mitch for getting my name wrong. His two direction gaze confused me if he was looking at me or just past me. The boyish looking asian waved non-chanlantly then proceeded a passive attempt at communication with tremoring lips and without audio.

"Sorry?" Again the same trembling lips-void of sound and an impatient flail of the arm.

"What-Lauren I can't hear you..." This time a flabbergased sigh more rapid muttering with no effort to speak louder.

Ok I get it. I must be on video camera. This was one of those prank-hidden camera shows. An elaborate rouse as it were. Oh damn, was I embarrassed!


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