Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Even More Floor Rapport

....My poor naive mind.

Nervously I smiled with jittery hands and walked from the display case in attempt to organize the titles in their proper category. I felt like all eyes were on me as I roamed among the ravenous consumers, scanning box covers for alike items. It was a depraved jungle on the floor with anxious murmers and fidgety glances. I delved my efforts directly into the categories Amateur, Stag, among others pleased with my efforts and avoiding eye contact with the customers and all costs. There was no way I wanted to know what they were thinking. And no way I wanted them to see my flushed complexion.

Browsing each of the series and occasionally fusing about in attempt to match similiar items chronilogically in their respected series, Instantly became a sargeant for detail. Many people scoffed claiming just because it was porn there was no sense of order required. On the contrary was my belief. Adult entertainment was a reluctant and embarrasing study for most. The more efficent, informative and organized the better.

Just as my eyes began to glaze over and threaten to cross (from the over indulgance of flesh I'm sure) the front doors chimed. The two roaming consumers seemed as unsettled as I was. If Mitch wasn't going to intercept, clearly I'd have to do something. A very young looking Asian boy came strutting into the show room like he'd owned the place. The nerve of this child! To dwell in an environment unfit to even see, if ever. .... (con'd)

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