Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Floor Rapport

As odd or eccentric or regardless of how my new employer rubbed me the wrong way, he had a very valid point. Perhaps his philosophies derived from any retail sector; in reality it could be perceived as tanglibe to even this unusual realm of shopping.

While making notes on how to accept cassette rentals as returns and filing them sequentially, I assisted by gathering their respective advertising boxes. I glanced at the illicit imagery of each, collecting and preparing for display. Countless genres were noted. 'Up and Cummers Part 36'- a play on words for an amateur series apparently popular to warrant thirty five sequels; Gangbang Girl with a beautiful brunetted named Nici Sterling dressed in regal equestrian outfit surrounded by nine semi-clothed studs. Wait. Sex with nine guys? Was this even possible? The very boundries of my limited sexual knowledge stretched and mis-shapened to the brink of insanity.

"Seymore Butts-Playing with Fire" an obviously humourous psedenym perhaps designed to make the most uptight and jaded of viewers at ease. Psychology and porn-most intriguing indeed. Mr. Savoy giddy all the sudden-promptly fed me trivia on the title, (with pride) stating the title was a hottie because of its ban within the United States. One of the performers was an actual New York City fireman--boning (as Mitch eloquently added) Butt's girlfriend--Shane right in the NYC firehall. Boning his girlfriend? I felt woozy as I realized I'd stepped right into the eye of the twilight zone. A subculture where men let other men 'bone' their girlfriends and even videotaped it for mass production and profit. This was too much enlightment and education for one day for my poor naive mind.


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